the blotted ink

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    ↳Goblet of Fire

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  6. 9 Ways to Detox Safely and Naturally



    Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

    In recent years, Americans have spent around $100 million annually on products and strategies that promise to quickly detox the body. Maybe you know someone who has tried a juice cleanse and given up after about the 4th day, or maybe you have tried to detox…

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  7. 5 Financial Tips For 20-Somethings



    Many 20-somethings make some common financial mistakes that are easily avoidable. Here are 5 financial tips that will help you to plan for the future, while still living a great life today.

    1. Forget “following your passion” to a career.

    Most people in their 20′s…


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Want some yummy photos on you dash? FOLLOW


    Want some yummy photos on you dash? FOLLOW

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    it took me time to realize that the sky changes just as quickly as i do so i’m sorry for everything

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